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There are basically two approaches to taking care of your health:
1. You can either do nothing and just wait for warning signs, or
2. You can be proactive on improving and maintaining the quality and longevity of your life

People often accept that they are functioning human beings and do not think about all that’s needed to keep the body operating at its optimum. Taking care of your body is very much like taking care of your car. To keep your car running safely and dependably requires regular maintenance such as oil and filter changes. So does your body

Each Lifestyle Health Quiz will help to educate you on the likelihood of a particular challenge. We encourage you to take our quizzes; they are free. Embrace the idea of learning how to maintain your body. It is for you decide what type of car you are. Are you a FORD (Fix Or Repair Daily) or are you a ROLLS ROYCE (high maintenance)?  It is time to take back your life!


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