Alkaline Water Consultant

Three months after I was introduced to Kangen Water™, the company that I worked for collapsed overnight due to market conditions.  After 35 years on Wall Street, my career in finance and accounting came to an abrupt end.  Over the years I’ve always explored various opportunities and was always looking for a Plan B.  For me, the timing was perfect.

I immediately decided it was time for a change, and Enagic would be that change.  A few months later my mom got a second chance in life when I changed her water.  This solidified my belief in pursuing a career change even more.  Enagic, a Japanese company established in 1974, is the premier producer of these life changing water filtration devices.  I began attending the company’s training seminars and workshops, and within a short period of time I started assisting with presentations and eventually gained enough confidence to do presentations on my own.

As a consultant, I educate people on maintaining a healthy pH, staying hydrated and promoting a healthier living environment.

Enagic’s water filtration machines provide amazing benefits for both inside and outside your body and your household.  Our Strong Waters can be used to replace many of your household cleaning products which are not only toxic to the environment, but are also harmful to your health.  There is no end to the innovative and multi-purpose usage of the healthy Enagic waters.

Enagic is continuously expanding nationally and internationally.  In early 2009, I decided to begin expanding my business nationally and internationally also.  Thus began my global enterprise.


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