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On the list of life’s priorities our health is usually dead last, if it even made the list, until we are faced with a crisis.  Then, we are willing to spend any amount of money to get our health back on track.  Most people would rather spend their money on a new car, remodeling their home, fancy attire, vacation etc. 

To make matters worse our hectic lifestyles contribute to an enormous amount of stress, and on top of that society makes it easy for us to indulge in an unhealthy diet.

Our workshops are about awareness and showing how simple little changes can make a big difference in bringing the body back in-balance.  Your body is supposed to be self-cleansing, self-healing, and self-maintaining provided you eat the right combinations of foods at the right times.  Our goal is to equip you with information as well as resources to help you transition to a healthier lifestyle.  As you adapt a more holistic lifestyle and become enlightened, we hope that you in turn will teach others.  Our easy to follow programs are based on pH balance geared towards increased energy and vibrancy, healthy aging and healthy longevity.

Kangen Water™ is the foundation of our programs because our body is made mostly of water:  our brain is about 80 – 85% water, our blood about 90%, lean body tissue about 70 – 75%.  Since your body overall is about 70 – 75% water, let’s compare your body to an aquarium for a minute.  If the pet fish in your aquarium has become ill, instinctively you will change the water that fish is swimming in.  Now apply that very same principle to your own life by changing the water you drink.

Over the years, family, friends, clients and I have had excellent results simply by changing our water.  Here are just some of their testimonials.  I now thank God every day for my eczema, because had it not been for my eczema I would not have been introduced to this amazing product and opportunity.

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