Eczema and Me


I carried a secret for most of my adult life – eczema. Accessories such as scarves, fancy hats, sunglasses, the way I wore my hair were all camouflages I used to hide what to me was embarrassing. Eczema does not make one feel pretty, for some people, it can even affect their self-esteem. 

So for well over 23 years I used steroids in the form of creams in addition to my many tricks to cover-up what was really going-on on the inside of my body, causing me to believe that I had developed allergies to certain foods. I stopped eating some of my favorite foods in my quest to figure out for myself what was causing my condition since my first 2 patch tests didn't show any allergies.



To me, it made sense that I should limit my intake of dairy and fruits such as citrus, pineapple and tomato. Then I noticed that every time I had a mango and went outside in the sun I got an eczema flare-up. At this point, I stopped eating mangoes one of my favorite fruits, limited my outdoor activities and added an umbrella/parasol to my bag of tricks. I went from looking like a fully accessorized diva to a complete idiot because no matter the weather, I had to shelter myself from the outside elements. This made me feel even more conscious of my condition, because people started looking at me as if I was crazy.

Realizing that over time the steroids would cause health challenges, around the years 2000 / 2001 I took myself off the steroids and instead began applying peroxide and Vaseline to my skin. I began looking for a natural remedy, but not very diligently. Then in July 2007, lily-white spots appeared on my face after being exposed to the sun for just 10 minutes. That did it!  Reluctantly I decided to see a dermatologist, who unlike prior doctors actually listened to me and engaged in dialogue with me.  He explained from the onset that my condition was not related to any type of food allergy.  We proceeded with my third patch test which revealed that I had a chemical-related allergy. The main chemical I had developed an allergy to was blue dye which I learned, is in just about everything we use on a daily basis such as:  our foods, clothes and household items. This meant I had to change everything about my life, and I felt like I would have to live in a bubble. Additionally, I was prescribed steroids which I really did not want to take. I found myself at a point where I needed to re-evaluate my condition and decided to seriously explore other healthier natural alternatives. 

On January 15th 2008 a friend introduced me to Kangen Water™ for drinking and cooking and Beauty Water for my skin which I used every day consistently. Within 2 ½ months I started to see improvements. I then integrated the Galvanic Spa to my daily regimen to help improve the blood flow and circulation to my skin. One year later, my eczema was completely gone and I can now proudly display all of this beautiful café au lait that I am.


Before Before After

How and why did they work? On the inside, the properties in Kangen Water™ neutralized the acid in my body, helped to clean my colon, and worked at the cellular level to rid my body of toxins so that my tissues could better absorb the nutrients. On the outside, the Beauty Water helped to moisturize and exfoliate my skin to consistently bring out new layers of healthier skin. The Galvanic Spa helped with the deep cleansing of my skin. All three worked synergistically together to get my body and skin to a healthy balanced state allowing me to enjoy the sun like any normal healthy human being should, and to eat any and all fruits or anything else I desire.

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